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The Launceston City Devils Academy is for players from U7 to U13 and is open to all players in the Northern Tasmania region meaning even if you don’t play for Launceston City Devils you are still welcome to attend.

This program is for players born in the following years and it is the expectations of Launceston City FC that players in our NTJSA Division One teams in each age group from U10 and above are active members in our Academy program.

  • 2008 – U13
  • 2009 – U12
  • 2010 – U11
  • 2011 – U10
  • 2012 – U9
  • 2013 – U8
  • 2014 – U7

Our Launceston City Devils Academy is run by appropriately qualified coaches and is separated into four programs:

  • Little Devils Academy (U7 – U8)
  • Junior Academy (U9 – U10 – U11)
  • Youth Development Academy (U12 – U13)
  • Goal Keeper Academy (U10 – U13)

Please note that age is only an indication of where a player may be in their development. As our Academy is inclusive of all, players attend our Academy with varying levels of ability and experience. For this reason players will be continually monitored and assessed and be placed into groups based on current ability level and playing experience to ensure they are training at a level that meets their individual needs. This is at the discretion of the Academy Technical Director and coaches.


Academy Programs:


Our Little Devils Academy is for those youngsters that want something more from their football than what is normally on offer, our coaches follow a planned training program that is modelled from our Junior Academy, and provides an introduction to the four core skills outlined in the Skills Acquisition Phase of the Football Australia National Curriculum.

In an environment that is inclusive and fun, it is our intention to develop a football foundation that is built from a love of the game with a ball at their feet.


For our players U9 – U11; our Junior Academy focuses on development of the four core skills as outlined in Skills Acquisition Phase of the Football Australia National Curriculum.

Each week the sessions focus on a different core skill:

  • 1v1 – How to take on and beat a player whether attacking or defending in varying situations.
  • First Touch – Controlling the ball with all legal parts of the body and understanding how a good first touch can set you up for quick transition to that next play or help you get out of danger.
  • Running with the Ball – Learning how to dribble and control the ball in open and confined spaces.
  • Striking the Ball – All forms of kicking whether it be short passing, long passing, shooting or crossing.



For players in our Youth Development Program, this program aims to bridge the gap and help transition players  between Junior Football and our Launceston City FC NPL Youth Academy.

This program provides players with a competitive training environment, encouraging them to play with good technical ability to a much higher standard whilst developing good habits through the processes visible at Youth and Senior Football

Whilst still having a major focus on Skill Acquisition to develop and refine their technical skills, our Youth Development Program aims to develop players game awareness, understanding and knowledge when attacking, defending and transitioning between both.

    GOALKEEPER ACADEMY: U10 – U11 – U12 – U13

    Our specialised goalkeeper training is especially designed to help our young goalkeepers develop skills, automatic reactions and natural movements. Its focus is on ensuring our goalkeepers learn how to play the most important position on the pitch correctly from the beginning.

    Our Goalkeepers in this program are encouraged to attend training both nights so that they continue to develop their skills and game understanding in a team environment.

    Throughout our goalkeeper academy sessions areas of focus on are:

    • The set position
    • Handling technique
    • Diving technique
    • Throw ins and corners
    • Positional awareness
    • Footwork
    • Distribution – foot
    • Distribution – hand
    • Match play
    • Conditioning and preparation

    Tournaments / Festivals / Friendlies:

    For members of our Launceston City Devils Academy, we provide opportunities to compete in a number of annual Tournaments, Festivals and friendlies located throughout Tasmania. This is an important focus of our Academy to increase the amount of football our players are playing per year and to ensure our players are consistently playing against the Academy programs of our NPL peers. We believe these games are important in offering perspective to both our coaches and players to ensure the future generation of Launceston City FC senior players will be of the highest quality.

    Our intention is to provide every player in our Academy these experiences but this is not always possible due to the tournaments and festivals only catering to specific age groups and some peer programs and clubs not able to provide teams in certain age groups especially the younger ones (Little Devils).


    Academy Uniform:

    Our Launceston City Football Club adidas academy uniform can be purchased off Ultra Football and consists of:


    Registering & Payment:

    To enrol please follow the link below and complete the form.

    To complete payment please follow the directions at the bottom of the form.

    Please note that to play with Launceston City FC in the NTJSA competition you will be required to complete a separate registration via this link. This will also come with an additional registration fee.